Its been a long time!

I’ve been getting comments on my thai flowers lately – its kinda nice.  Its been so long, Ihaven’t really done any in a long time.  My friend has moved out of country so its not as fun doing it alone.

THe kids are getting big, well not little miss…shes still a tiny one, but getting sassier daily, with a touch of sweetness.  The big guy, well, hes just such a great kid I don’t know what else to say.  He amazes me each and every day.


almost 5 and 3

Little Miss is on the verge of a potty training break through…its been tough, but shes getting there…Mr Mischief just seems to surprise us everyday with his amazing wit and knowledge. Things are always clicking in that boys head!jan-2008-5jan-2008-3

Love’n my kids

It was so cute the other day, I was doing after school care for my sisters school and a photographer was there, and asked if he could take pics of Maddie…he said she had quarter eyes (they take up a quarter of ther face) and that he could take pics of her all day, shes so easy!  Not that I need a reminder of how cute my kids are but, its nice to hear it from people not related! LOL

I’ve been on facebook a lot, so sorry I haven’t been updating…heres some photos from the past few weeks

I’m still here!

Well, it looks like I’ve been gone so long and now wordpress have changed some things around – so now I have to get used to it again!

We had a great holiday season – some crazy weather, but what else can you expect in chicago.

I do have some great winter photos that I’ll have to post.  Just a little tired right now.

I do have to say mr mischief was so cute today…we were watching the  snow dogs movie, and hes never seen it before – so when the guy goes to leave the dogs in the beginning of the movie…mischief says “those dogs are really going to miss him” his eyes got all teary, and he started to wipe his eyes with his arms, “mom, whose going to take care of the dogs?” he was very concerned…hes such a great kid!

Am I done?

Am I done with kids?  I mean, the rest of the year, I’m happy with what I have.  I’m blessed with two happy healthy kids…but this time of year makes me question all of that.  That longing to hold a newborn…its just so strong for me right now.  I hear of pregnancies, and newborns and I tear up.  My nerves are so fragile right now.  I’m so confident the rest of the year, that I’m good…I don’t want to be pregnant again – its scary for me.  But right now, I’m so jealous of those beautiful belly’s, and those cherub newborns…I really want one.  But it’ll pass. After this week, my heart and soul won’t be so fragile…and I’ll remember how difficult and scary being pregnant is…and I’ll be back to “HELL NO” to haveing more kids.

Feeling Crazy

Its that time of year, and my heart still mourns the loss of my David.  At times I wish that I didn’t feel this hurt, but than at other times, I’m glad I do.  It means he was real. The only cliche that I can actually relate to is time heals all wounds.  And time has helped to heal, but it can’t erase memories.  And those can come on pretty strong at this time. 

I do have a little bitterness, I gave birth to three babies.  3…I only have 2 to show for it.  It stings.

I met a lady whos pregnant – very nice, and we’ve become quick friends.  She doesn’t know about David, and I don’t want to mention it to her…she’s pregnant – my story is scary.  I don’t want to scare pregnant people. The other day we were talkinga bout child birth – so I have to “blend” my stories.  I wish I didn’t have too.  but I do.  Its the nice thing to do.

Sorry about the sad post – I’m just done for now

Heres some cute pics of the kids!